Heat Boost: Graphene-Infused Fabric

Heat Boost™, made with integrated graphene yarn, is the next evolution in heat-retaining materials that are changing how hunters dress for winter, enabling them to stay out longer, regardless of the temperature ... Read More ▾

Graphene is an excellent heat conductor – it absorbs your natural body heat and releases it back for a constant warmth. In essence, your body acts as its own heat generator. By knitting graphene yarn into an already warm material, we revved it up and made it even warmer – roughly 30% warmer, without adding any extra heft. Wearing graphene-infused jackets and pants, you stay warm and hunt longer without the bulkiness associated with heavily insulated gear, even as the temperature drops below freezing.

Huntworth has a complete line of lightweight, warm integrated graphene hunting clothing, gloves and hats developed to keep you warm in a wide range of weather conditions and provide for greater mobility (and packability) to accommodate all hunting styles. Whether you are tree lined, on the ground in a blind or stalking, there is a Heat Boost™ system just right for your hunting conditions.

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