Digital Camo Pattern Creates Randomized Noise

Disruption® digital camouflage utilizes computer generated graphics to create a pattern that keeps you undetected in any environment. The high level of random and abstract visual noises in our pixelated camo disrupts the wearer’s outlines for better concealment. Macro and micro patterns work together to help you fade into the background at any distance.


Pixelated Camo Works in All Terrains

When you need something that will blend with the rocky terrain out west as well as the hardwoods in the east, trust Disruption. Our digital camo pattern provides enough visual white noise to keep you concealed in open fields, against rocky outcroppings or in dense coverage. The pixelated camo design also works well at both ground level and in the tree stand.


Digital Camouflage Provides Year-Round Coverage

Disruption's coloration provides all-season coverage, blending well with the various color shades of Fall, Winter and Spring. It even works with a light layering of snow or frost on the ground. With midlayer and outerwear options in our digital camo pattern, it’s easy to find the right technology to keep you comfortable and protected on the hunt, regardless of weather and season. Browse the full line of Disruption digital camo from Huntworth today.