Hidd'n, a traditional woodland camo pattern

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Realistic Tree and Leaves Camo

Hidd'n is a classic tree camo with a traditional leaves and twigs pattern. It rearranges photographic elements from nature to create a forest and timber camo pattern that is open from the distance, breaks you up at close range and enables you to easily blend into your surroundings. When you need a realistic camo pattern for classic concealment, choose Hidd'n.


Versatile Whitetail and Turkey Hunting Camo

Hidd'n's natural color palette lends itself to tree stand hunting, with a camo pattern leveraging natural leaf and twig photography that will blend well while elevated in the stand. It's a great choice for hunters looking for whitetail or turkey hunting camo, but it also functions as a solid all-terrain pattern. Hidd'n tree camo works well in the woods from the Northeast to the Midwest and down into the South, and can be used not only in a tree stand, but also in the brush or the open forest.


Best All-Around Camo for Hunting

Hidd'n is a great forest or timber camo, but it's not limited to traditional definitions. While it's an ideal whitetail camo or turkey hunting camo, and works great as a tree stand camo, its versatility extends further, helping hunters in search of diverse prey blend in over varied terrain. Hidd'n classic camo is available on jackets, pants, gloves and hats for men, women and youth. When paired with our performance apparel technology, you'll be able to stay in the hunt as long as it takes.