Tarnen® Hybrid Camo

A new approach to concealment

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Organic, Blended Camo

Tarnen camouflage is a hybrid camo pattern. It was created using images and shapes found in nature, distorted to introduce visual randomness. We then layered the images to create depth in the pattern that allows the wearer to blend in up close or at a distance. The organic elements of the blurred camo create a natural pattern to reduce detection by your prey.


All Terrain Camo

Tarnen is our most versatile pattern. Designed to work in a wide range of terrains, our organic camo allows you to blend in with hardwood trees or evergreens, in open plains or mountain ranges. Whether you are up in a stand, down in a blind, or tucked into a rock formation, the organic elements and visual depth of Tarnen’s hybrid blended camo keep you concealed.


All Season Camo

Tarnen’s coloration works throughout the year in most climates, even toward the end of the season. The blended camo features light colorations that blur the wearer not only against rocks and fields, but also in light snow or frost. Darker green and brown accents provide concealment in spring and fall, making it a versatile all season camo pattern.