Huntworth® Camo Patterns

Experienced hunters know proper concealment doesn’t stop with an innovative camouflage pattern – but it’s still a great place to start. The right camo pattern can allow hunters to break up or blend into the landscape. Huntworth offers several different types of camouflage patterns so you can choose the ideal camo design for your prey, terrain and season. Learn more about the technology behind the different Huntworth camo designs to choose the right hunting camo pattern.



The Disruption® camouflage pattern utilizes computer generated graphics featuring a high level of random and abstract visual noises to help you remain undetected in any environment.



Tarnen’s camouflage pattern is a new approach to concealment. We built it with shapes found in nature. We distorted them to introduce visual randomness. We added layers for depth perception. The organic elements of the camo pattern ensure you blend into your surroundings.



Hidd’n is a traditional leaves and twigs camo print. It uses photographic elements and arranges them to create a camo design that is open from the distance, breaks you up at close range and enables you to easily blend into your surroundings.


Snow Camo

Huntworth’s Snow Camo pattern uses a light mix of branches and browning leaves on a flowing white base to break up the silhouette. It is perfect for when snow starts falling, the ground turns white and you need to blend into the wintery wooded landscape.



Wear your love of camo with our lifestyle camo patterns. For when you want the look of camo but with a nod to fashion. These colorfully and redesigned patterns keep the tree theme we love in camo but add a mix of color for fun.