Disruption® camouflage utilizes computer generated graphics featuring a high level of random and abstract visual noises to help you remain undetected in any environment.


Tarnen camouflage is a new approach to concealment. We built it with shapes found in nature. We distorted them to introduce visual randomness. We added layers for depth perception. The organic elements of the pattern ensure that you will blend into your surroundings.


Hidd’n camouflage is a traditional leaves and twigs pattern. It uses photographic elements and arranges them to create a pattern that is open from the distance, breaks you up at close range and enables you to easily blend into your surroundings.

Snow Camo

Huntworth® Snow Camo is perfect for when those surprise storms blow in and mother nature drops a few inches of the fluffy white stuff. The clean white base material is layered with branches to break up the silhouette, and overlaid with flowing white abstract patterns that evoke a spectacularly beautiful and cold, windy November morning.



Wear your love of camo and patterns on your sleeves. Comfortable & warm, our stylish fleece jackets, pullovers, hoodies, and pants feature full coverage - or just a hint of camo and they look great on everyone.