Camouflage Hunting Clothing

Huntworth hunting clothes and gear are available in three primary camouflage patterns. Choose between the versatile Disruption pattern with computer generated pixel shapes that create visual noise to keep you undetected, the groundbreaking Tarnen pattern built with organic elements to create visual randomness to blend into your surroundings, and the traditional Hidd’n pattern that breaks up at close range and blends at a distance.


Huntworth System Builder

A Layout of Huntworth Clothing and Accessories showing vest, base layers, jacket, pants, gloves, hat, gaiter, and backpack

A well-designed hunting clothing system is vital to success in the field. Huntworth's layering systems help you choose the right combination of hunting clothes for any season. From hot opening days to sub-zero cold, find hunting gear to help you succeed.

Build Your Huntworth System

Hunting gear and apparel to keep you warm,
dry and concealed in all seasons

Huntworth offers a wide range of hunting clothing options from mid weight base layers, lightweight tops and pants for warmer hunts, to windproof, waterproof and insulated hunting clothing for when temperatures drop and you need to block out the elements.


Full line of men’s and women’s hunting clothing

Huntworth hunting clothing, gloves, hats, and packs are available in men’s and women’s. They are designed to prevent detection in any environment and are available in a variety of styles and patterns to match your surroundings and terrain.


Quality hunting clothing and packs at a price you deserve

Our hunting apparel and backpacks offer outstanding quality with the latest technical features and fabrics at an affordable price. We focus on the best combination of materials and construction to ensure our hunting clothes, gloves and hats keep you comfortable, protected, and unrestricted in your movements. Huntworth camo patterns are developed for ultimate concealment. We incorporate natural elements and distortions to outwit your prey and to keep you hidden and in the hunt. Learn more about our different patterns and compare hunting apparel features to find the right fit whether you are in the woods, open plains or mountain – at ground level or in a tree stand – at home or on the hunt.


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