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Casper Base Layer Pants

Men’s Casper Heat Boost™ Heavyweight Hunting Base Layer Pants - Dark Gray

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The men's Casper Heat Boost™ heavyweight base layer pants are intended for cold temperatures. The super soft and stretchy jersey knitted with Heat Boost graphene technology is highly wicking and quick drying, keeping you warm no matter your activity level.

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The Casper heavyweight hunting base layer pants combines the power of Heat Boost™ graphene technology with a super cozy soft hand feel to provide all day warmth. They are designed for cold temperatures to help you outlast the cold and stay out longer.

The graphene yarn knitted into the knit jersey has the thermal conductivity, moisture wicking, and antimicrobial capabilities inherent to graphene. The graphene harnesses your body’s energy, absorbs the heat and releases it back, surrounding you in a lasting radiant warmth. The Heat Boost graphene technology super charges the warmth without added weight - making this the warmest, lightest base layer you'll ever wear.

The wicking and quick drying nature of the fabric helps draw moisture away from your skin and keep you dry as you move about. A wide elasstic band keeps the pants comfortably at your waist and non-chaffing flat lock seams make for a comfortable feel. The silky finish on the material surface makes it easy to pull other garments on top without bunching.

The ultimate in warmth the Heat Boost layer pants work in broad range of weather conditions and activity levels.