Tarnen® Hybrid Camo

The Tarnen® pattern is the next generation of hunting camouflage. This hybrid camo approach to concealment is built with shapes found in nature, distorted to introduce visual randomness... Read More ▾. Tarnen is a versatile, multi-terrain camo, with added visual layers for enhanced depth, that works in a wide range of settings from wooded landed, to open plains and in rocky vistas. Offering a varied and unstructured color scheme and available in all the layers you need for a complete hunting system, you can hunt unseen in all seasons with this organic camouflage pattern. Whether you are sky-lined in a tree, on the ground or in a rock formation, Tarnen’s hybrid camo blend of organic elements and visual depth help you melt into your terrain. With Tarnen camo clothing in base layers, mid layers, pants, and jackets, you’ll be covered late into the season, whether spotting and stalking or sitting stationary. Our clothing design is multi-functional, so you get the most use out of every item. Shop the full line including our Tarnen hunting gloves and hunting hats. Read Less ▴