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Late Season

Temperature Range: -10°F to 20°F

You need the warmest hunting clothes when the thermometer is close to 0°F or below. So, your cold weather hunting gear must start with base layers that keep you warm and dry. That's what our late season hunting clothing is meant to do. We've put the technology in the base layers to trap heat, and your warmest hunting clothes - the outer jacket and pants/bibs - have wind and waterproof features to keep you comfortable.

The perfect combination of outerwear with your insulation layers ensures maximum warmth and mobility. With our cold weather layering system, you don't need to over-bundle to outlast the extreme cold.

If it wasn't for my Heat Boost gear, I wouldn't have been able to wait out my late season buck in sub zero temperatures.

- Austin Chandler - Working Class Bowhunter, IL