In 2001, Neal Ash started the Huntworth brand with one goal in mind: provide quality gloves and apparel for passionate hunters at a price they can afford.  His attention to detail and drive to offer items that are built to last is easy to recognize in the Huntworth product line. Whether you are a weekend warrior or a hunter who spends weeks in the backcountry, Huntworth has what you need to be successful in the field.

Over the course of nearly two decades, Huntworth has continued to push itself to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. Our designers incorporate innovative technologies and forward thinking designs into a full range of hunting apparel. We understand the hunter’s performance requirements and desires, and this clearly shows through in everything we make. We create the tools necessary to keep you comfortable, safe, and hidden in any unpredictable and unforgiving environment. From lightweight wicking base layers to heavily insulated items covering head to toe, we’ve got you covered.

Huntworth pushes the boundaries of camouflage design with its own line of unique camo patterns to help hunters outwit the eyes of big game. Our digital pattern, Disruption®, is extremely popular with both deer hunters and Western game hunters who demand a pattern that helps them disappear in any terrain. Our new Hidd’n is an all-purpose pattern.  It combines photographic depth with organically placed detail, making the pattern both open to be visible from a distance and broken up so you can easily blend into your surroundings. This is an all-season pattern that works well in the woods from the Northeast to the Midwest and down South.

But we know that hunting isn't always about those magical moments out in the tree stand or stalking a prey. Back at home we also want to show our love for the outdoors, and that’s where our lifestyle clothing comes out to play. We enjoy taking our hunting camouflage patterns and reimagining them as some of the brightest, most eye catching designs out there. Nothing says Family, Fun and Freedom quite like camo.

Simply put: Huntworth exceeds your expectations in both quality and price.