Tenpeak Balaclava

Men’s Tenpeak Lightweight, Pull-Down, Poly-Spandex, Balaclava - Tarnen®

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The Men's Tenpeak unlined poly spandex pull-down balaclava in Tarnen® offers lightweight concealment with easy mouth access.

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The Tenpeak lightweight, unlined balaclava in Disruption® is intended when you need concealment more than warmth. Designed with a hybrid concealment pattern, the Tarnen® camo hunting balaclava is made with a quick drying single layer poly-spandex fabric that keeps your head cool.

The artciulated construction includes a front piece that can be pulled up over your noise for camo concealment or pushed down for quick access to your mouth. The stretch fabric ensures a close fit enabling the balaclava to move with your head, so you maintain full peripheral vision to catch the smallest of movements.

When your warm weather hunt calls for full concealment - the unlined Tarnen® pattern balaclava has you covered.