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Nome Muff

Nome Heavyweight, Reversible Hunting Muff - Hidd'n

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The Nome heavyweight insulated hunting muff in Hidd'n® is thickly lined and insulated to keeps your hands toasty warm during the cold late season hunts

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The Nome heavyweight, insulated hunting muff in Hidd'n® is perfect for cold weather hunts when you need to keep your fingers warm and safe from the blistering cold. Designed with a woodland pattern, the Hidd'n® camo hunting muff is made with a wet print camo fleece on the front side and blaze anti pill fleece on the back side. It is lined with a thick fleece and insulated with 1200 grams of polyfill insulation to make it toasty warm.

The hunting muff has fleece cuffs at either end that fit snuggly around your wrist, helping to keep the warm air in and the cold air out. There is a front zipper pocket to hold your gear and an adjustable strap to get the right fit around your waist.

The Hidd'n® pattern muff is not your grandfather's hunting muff. Grab this one next time you need to keep your fingers warm and nimble during your late season cold hunt.