Heat Boost™ Graphene Technology

Heat Boost™ is a line of graphene-enhanced fabrics engineered for lightweight, superior warmth. Discovered in 2004, graphene provides enhanced thermal conductivity as well as moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties. The inclusion of graphene fibers super-charges a traditional material with these features:

  • Thermal conductivity: Graphene yarn harnesses your body’s heat energy, absorbs that heat, and then releases it back, surrounding you in radiant warmth. It’s heat that you can really feel.
  • Wicking: Graphene fibers absorb moisture to help keep your skin dry.
  • Anti-odor: Antimicrobial properties in graphene material reduce the growth levels of microorganisms.

Textiles knitted with graphene yarn represent the next generation of advanced fabrics with new functionalities. Smart clothing made with technology-driven materials is changing how we dress for cold weather, improving our ability to hunt longer and better, no matter the temperature.

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Huntworth Heat Boost - Feel the Heat

Feel the Heat

Graphene material is well known for its thermoregulation abilities, and our bodies naturally emit far-infrared heat energy. The graphene yarn in Heat Boost fabric, harnesses your body’s natural energy, absorbs the far infrared heat and releases it back, surrounding you in radiant warmth, even on extremely cold days.

Huntworth Heat Boost - 30% Warmer

30% Warmer

By integrating graphene into the Heat Boost fabric, we took a warm material and made it even warmer: 30% warmer. Our cold weather hunting gear has always provided exceptional temperature control, but now, with graphene technology, it can keep you warm with fewer layers and less bulk – Giving you the ability to stay out even longer as the temperature drops.

Huntworth Heat Boost - Keep the Warmth

Keep the Warmth, Lose the Bulk

When used in cold weather hunting gear, graphene technology reduces the need for added insulation, allowing for a lighter, slimmer design without sacrificing warmth. This in turn allows for greater mobility. Warmth and mobility – the holy grail for all hunters during cold hunts.

Huntworth Heat Boost - Wonder Material

A Wonder Material

Graphene emerged as a revolutionary material after its discovery by two researchers who went on to win the Nobel prize for their ground-breaking work. Derived from a single carbon chain, graphene’s many astonishing properties have earned it the title “wonder material”.

Graphene Material Technology

  • Thermal conductivity:

    Graphene is one of the world’s fastest heat conducting materials with a high heat absorption capacity.
  • Wicking:

    Graphene yarn has moisture absorption properties and wicks moisture from your skin.
  • Anti-odor:

    Graphene has natural anti-microbial abilities that reduce the growth of bacteria.
  • Sustainable:

    The graphene yarn used in Heat Boost is derived from a sustainable biomass production.

*Heat Boost graphene technology is developed through a patented production process.

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