Ladies Thinsulate Insulated, Waterproof Hunting Glove (Hidd’n®)
Sometimes waiting for your prey can be brutal, with frigid temps and no end in sight. No matter, these hunting gloves will keep your hands warm and dry. Inspired by heritage hunting gloves and updated with modern materials and a woman’s fit, these...
Ladies Windproof-Breathable Hunting Glove (Hidd’n®)
When we say, “Get a grip,” we mean it! A cool silicon spider web on the palm gives you enhanced control over everything you touch, even in the worst weather conditions. Engineered with a triple layer shell comprised of stretch polyester...
Ladies Mid Weight, Plush Fleece Lined Hunting Glove (Hidd’n®)
Silence is deadly. Make your move without making a sound with these warm streamlined Hidd’n® camo hunting gloves, designed just for women. Sleek and stealthy performance stretch fleece is married with a plush long pile fleece interior and...
Ladies Light Weight Stretch Fleece Shooter’s Glove (Hidd’n®)
For the huntress who is part tough-as-nails, part femme fatale. These silky shooters gloves in Hidd’n® camo are deadly effective, but beautifully built. A soft and sleek performance stretch fleece shell is finished with a DWR treatment to shed...