The Moon On the Crest of the New Fallen Snow

The line from the poem “Night Before Christmas” that always strikes me is: “The moon on the crest of the new fallen snow gave the luster of midday to objects below.” While for most folks it’s just setting the scene for the arrival of Santa Claus, when I heard that line, even as a youngster, it always set my thoughts wandering. “Hmmmm. Fresh snow? A clear, full-moon night? I’ll bet the coyotes are on the move.”

Day or night, coyote hunting is one of the fastest growing of all hunting pursuits, largely because the range of coyotes continues to grow. A recent PBS documentary on coyotes revealed trail camera footage of coyotes raising pups in the boroughs of New York City!

Yet despite the rampant and unending expansion of their range, coyotes are becoming no less wary. Calling them into range is one of hunting’s ultimate challenges. Everything must be “perfect” about the set up, including your camo.

At least in the North Country, the majority of coyote hunting is done when snow covers the ground, so snow camo is the best option. 

Next time you are outside or even in your car, take a look at a field of snow. What do you see? You might be tempted so say simply, “White.” But look more carefully. No matter whether you’re looking at a snow-covered plowed field, a drifted farmyard, or a leafless woodlot there’s a great deal more to the scene than a monotone blanket of white.

There are shadows from blue to gray to black. There are stems of grass perforating the drifts. There are trees standing tall and protruding deadfall. There are black tops of the plowed furrows showing proud of windblown sections. It’s not a smooth, white finish; there is color and texture everywhere. 

To really hide from sharp-eyed coyotes for day or night hunting, snow camo is the way to go. Rather than just a blank white suit that can appear out of place, Huntworth Snow Camo contains silhouette-breaking texture. In hunting any animal, but especially coyotes, the most important attribute of camouflage is to break up and disguise the human silhouette. 

Huntworth’s Snow Camo line-up includes the Men’s Fleece Lined Micro Fiber Jacket and Bib Overalls with ample sizing to wear over warm layers for hunting on those beautiful, but cold full-moon winter nights. And since fooling ‘yotes is in the details, Huntworth offers their warm yet sensitive Men’s Tri-Laminate Glove in snow camo, too, along with the Performance fleece Balaclava. 

In head-to-toe Huntworth Snow Camo gear you’ll truly disappear in the midday or midnight luster … and that’s exactly what every coyote hunter needs.