Engineered for Performance

Since our inception, Huntworth has worked relentlessly to incorporate innovative technologies and forward-thinking design into affordable camouflage apparel for a modern generation of hunting enthusiasts. We design and manufacture high tech functional gear that is form fitting and moves with you effortlessly and quietly.

Hunters constantly face changing weather conditions and must be prepared for what mother nature throws at them.  We incorporate this need for constant adaptation into our design work and the end product shows it. From lightweight wicking base layers to heavily insulated items covering head to toe, we create the tools necessary to keep yourself comfortable, safe, and hidden in any unpredictable and unforgiving environment. 

But we know that hunting isn't always just about those magical moments out in the tree stand or stalking a prey. Back at home we also want to show our love for the outdoors, and that’s where our lifestyle clothing comes out to play. We enjoy taking our hunting camouflage patterns and reimagining them as some of the brightest, most eye catching designs out there. Nothing says Family, Fun and Freedom quite like camo, so say it loud!

When you’re ready to pick up some new gear for the season, check out the “Retailers” section for a list of websites selling Huntworth or to search for a brick and mortar store near you.