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Our goal is ruthless innovation, and every year we release innovative new glove designs. Featured below are some of our best sellers. Find these styles and more at your favorite retailers.

Tech Series Gloves

Our most versatile hunting gloves, just for women. Fused performance materials provide dexterity and warmth. These gloves resist wind and rain and block the cold. The palms are chemically treated for scent reduction, and the tacky silicon print gives you a locked-on grip. Add a sensitive trigger finger, and you’re ready for anything.

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Stealth Series Gloves

Track your prey in silence. Made with performance fleece blended with spandex, these gloves fit like a second skin. They’re designed for women in styles from unlined to plush long pile lining. A Durable Water Repellent finish sheds light snow and rain, and special trigger finger and grippy palm give you complete control. Quiet is deadly.

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Classic Series Gloves

Cold weather essentials inspired by hunting’s heritage. Comfortable and functional, these traditional hunting gloves feature tough construction with heavy insulation. Built just for women with a form-fitting trigger finger, a waterproof barrier, and a chemically treated palm to reduce your scent. Modern classics.

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