Camo Hunting Gloves, Hats, Clothes - Hunter in treestand looking through binoculars

Ruthless Innovation & Performance

Hailing from the rolling hills of western Pennsylvania, the Huntworth label is built on a foundation of functional form-fitting apparel, forward-thinking design, and unheard-of affordability. Around here we have a long history of athletics, sporting traditions, and cutting edge technologies that inspire us in the creation of our product line.

We know that great fitting and functional gear is essential to hunting and shooting. That’s why our gloves, hats, and clothing are ergonomically designed to provide the highest possible level of dexterity and comfort.

Our in-house product design team isn't afraid of crossing over to other extreme sports for a next-generation approach to hunting apparel. That's why our stuff looks as good as it works.

Where other brands seem to command a crazy markup, we can sleep well at night knowing that we packed as many features as possible into a product that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet.

So when you’re ready to pick up some new gear, check out the “Where to Buy” page for a list of Huntworth retailers.