Youth's Classic Hunting Pop Top Glove


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It’s freezing out. How do you keep your fingers warm and ready to pull the trigger in a split second? Wear these Oak Tree EVO camouflage insulated pop-top gloves. While waiting for the right shot, protect your fingers with the warmth of 40g ThinsulateTM insulation. Then quietly flip back the pop-top to pull the trigger. A grip-tex palm patch gives you the assurance of a non-slip grip. The chemically treated lining provides scent reduction protection. This hybrid glove-mitten is versatile and uncommonly warm. Take the shot whenever you’re ready.

Style Number: 06-Y-20OT
Shell: Soft Tricot
Insulation: 40g Thinsulate™ Insulation
Barrier: Waterproof baggie
Scent Control: Anti-microbial treatment on Tricot lining for scent reduction
Palm: Grip-tex palm patch
Cuff: Fleece Cuff
Thumb: Thumb pop top slit
Pop Top: Pop top with magnet closure
Pocket: Heat pack pocket


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